New photo and video policy coming for all 'in trade' sellers

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On 14 August we announced our new marketplace photo and video policy, which will affect all ‘in trade’ sellers. The new policy aims to help sellers increase engagement with buyers and ultimately sell more.

The new policy will not take effect until Monday 30 October, however we wanted to give our sellers an early heads up so they could update their images if need be.

What is the policy?

This policy applies to all ‘in trade’ sellers on Trade Me, and is as follows:

Photo specifications:

Photo file format: .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpeg or .jpg format
Photo size limit: under 5MB tile size
Photo quality: at least 500 pixels or more on the longest side


Large, clear images of the item for sale.

Small, transparent watermarks used to show ownership or attribution only. As a guide, watermarks should be smaller than 5% of your photo, and more transparent than 50%.

Photos clearly showing any product flaws or defects.

Other items in the photo are only there to help the buyer (e.g. to show scale/sizing).

Videos comply with the Marketplace video terms and conditions (video available to Top Sellers only).

Correct Image


The main listing photo does not show the item for sale.

Photos that don't accurately represent the product for sale (e.g. using stock images* for second-hand, damaged or faulty items).

Photos that use watermarks, logos, artwork, photo borders or text to convey messages, e.g. that there’s no image available, low stock availability or any other marketing messages.

Photos that include contact details, website addresses or any other branded marketing.

Watermark or logos that obscure or interfere with the item in the photo. As a guide, watermarks should be smaller than 5% of your photo, and more transparent than 50%.

Photo Policy Images No X5

Non-compliance may result in:


Immediate removal of offending photos/videos by Trade Me.


Adjustment of listings in search results until listings are acceptable.

*Stock images may be used with the rights holder’s express permission for brand new goods and "as new" refurbished products, if the product has no visible flaws or defects and the image accurately reflects the product's quality. 

Why the change?

A good, clear photo or video of a product is important for attracting buyers and increasing sales – it’s what engages your customer and draws them into the listing. We want to ensure all our professional sellers are making the most of their ‘shop window’ on Trade Me.

We also reckon it’s important for sellers to keep up with industry standard, which means quality images are essential.

Why is it for ‘in trade’ sellers only?

Our buyers have come to expect a higher standard of trading from “in trade” sellers and want a professional online shopping experience. Therefore, ‘in trade’ retailers need to be adhering to best practice when it comes to online retail standards and setting a site wide example of what makes an awesome listing and great buyer experience.

We know that clean, professional images can lead to higher sales conversion, and we want to help our biggest and best sellers to sell more. In trade sellers with polished photos and videos are also more likely to be picked up for promotional campaigns by our in-house marketing team.

Please note that this policy only applies to Marketplace listings, not Motors*, Property, Jobs or Services listings.

*'Car parts & accessories' is considered a Marketplace category, therefore those listings will be subject to the new in trade photo policy. 

What is the current photo policy and when is it changing?

Our current marketplace photo policy lives here. We’ve always recommended sellers have quality images on their listings via our photo guidelines, but now we’re taking the next step by making it policy for our ‘in trade’ professional sellers.

The new policy comes into effect on Monday 30 October.

What happens if I don’t stick to the policy?

Please make sure all your listings adhere to the policy. If they don’t, your photos and/or videos could be removed or adjusted in search results.

Video on listings

All Top Sellers have the ability to add video to their listings in general marketplace categories. Details of how to add video to listings can be found on our video help page. Remember, you must disable ads and annotations on your video before you add it to your listing. 

All images and videos you submit must comply with New Zealand law and you also agree to our marketplace video terms and conditions.

Do you have any tips for taking photos?

Sure do! Check out this handy blog post for some top tips for taking professional photos.

And finally...

We’re here to work with our sellers to help them succeed. If you have any questions about the photo policy or how to upload quality images to Trade Me, then please feel free to get in touch with the team.