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New photo and video policy coming for all 'in trade' sellers

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On 14 August we announced our new marketplace photo and video policy, which will affect all ‘in trade’ sellers. The new policy aims to help sellers increase engagement with buyers and ultimately sell more.

The new policy will not take effect until Monday 30 October, however we wanted to give our sellers an early heads up so they could update their images if need be.

What is the policy?

This policy applies to all ‘in trade’ sellers on Trade Me, and is as follows:

Photo specifications:

Photo file format: .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpeg or .jpg format
Photo size limit: under 5MB tile size
Photo quality: at least 500 pixels or more on the longest side


Large, clear images of the item for sale.

Small, transparent watermarks used to show ownership or attribution only. As a guide, watermarks should be smaller than 5% of your photo, and more transparent than 50%.

Photos clearly showing any product flaws or defects.

Other items in the photo are only there to help the buyer (e.g. to show scale/sizing).

Videos comply with the Marketplace video terms and conditions (video available to Top Sellers only).


The main listing photo does not show the item for sale.

Photos that don't accurately represent the product for sale (e.g. using stock images for second-hand, damaged or faulty items).

Photos that use watermarks, logos, artwork, photo borders or text to convey messages, e.g. that there’s no image available, low stock availability or any other marketing messages.

Photos that include contact details, website addresses or any other branded marketing.

Watermark or logos that obscure or interfere with the item in the photo. As a guide, watermarks should be smaller than 5% of your photo, and more transparent than 50%.

Non-compliance may result in:


Immediate removal of offending photos/videos by Trade Me.


Adjustment of listings in search results until listings are acceptable.

Why the change?

A good, clear photo or video of a product is important for attracting buyers and increasing sales – it’s what engages your customer and draws them into the listing. We want to ensure all our professional sellers are making the most of their ‘shop window’ on Trade Me.

We also reckon it’s important for sellers to keep up with industry standard, which means quality images are essential.

Why is it for ‘in trade’ sellers only?

Our buyers have come to expect a higher standard of trading from “in trade” sellers and want a professional online shopping experience. Therefore, ‘in trade’ retailers need to be adhering to best practice when it comes to online retail standards and setting a site wide example of what makes an awesome listing and great buyer experience.

We know that clean, professional images can lead to higher sales conversion, and we want to help our biggest and best sellers to sell more. In trade sellers with polished photos and videos are also more likely to be picked up for promotional campaigns by our in-house marketing team.

What is the current photo policy and when is it changing?

Our current marketplace photo policy lives here. We’ve always recommended sellers have quality images on their listings via our photo guidelines, but now we’re taking the next step by making it policy for our ‘in trade’ professional sellers.

The new policy comes into effect on Monday 30 October.

What happens if I don’t stick to the policy?

Please make sure all your listings adhere to the policy. If they don’t, your photos and/or videos could be removed or adjusted in search results.

Video on listings

All Top Sellers have the ability to add video to their listings in general marketplace categories. Details of how to add video to listings can be found on our video help page. Remember, you must disable ads and annotations on your video before you add it to your listing. 

All images and videos you submit must comply with New Zealand law and you also agree to our marketplace video terms and conditions.

Do you have any tips for taking photos?

Sure do! Check out this handy blog post for some top tips for taking professional photos.

And finally...

We’re here to work with our sellers to help them succeed. If you have any questions about the photo policy or how to upload quality images to Trade Me, then please feel free to get in touch with the team.

Reach new buyers and increase sales with Afterpay

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We’ve teamed up with Afterpay to help you sell more products, more quickly, with no credit risk. With Afterpay, buyers can purchase items and pay them off in four fortnightly interest-free payments. You get paid up front, and Afterpay will handle the payments with the buyer.

We’re launching Afterpay on Trade Me in September, so read on for more information about setting up Afterpay for your listings.

How does Afterpay work?

Afterpay is really simple to use and attractive to buyers.

  1. Listing  choose Afterpay as a payment option on your listings.
  2. Sale  you’ll receive full payment up front (less fees). The buyer will arrange their payments with Afterpay.
  3. Shipment  send your item right away, like normal.
  4. After the sale  it’s business as usual!

Afterpay can be offered on items valued between $20 and $800. You can choose which listings it appears on, though some categories are restricted. Afterpay is also not supported via the shopping cart at this stage.

Why should I offer Afterpay?

In Australia, Afterpay have found that sellers typically receive a 10–30% increase in their conversion rate and in repeat business from buyers*. Why not give it a go?

  • Attract new buyers  convert buyers who prefer to buy now and pay later.
  • Payment up front  no chasing buyers or waiting for payments.
  • No credit risk  Afterpay wear the risk of any buyer payment defaults.
  • Point of difference  give buyers a reason to choose you over your competitors.

We’re also running a marketing campaign when we launch Afterpay to all Trade Me buyers. Adding it to your listings now will help you make the most of the extra traffic we’ll drive to listings with Afterpay. 

How do I add it to my listings?

Afterpay is already available to choose as a payment option on your listings in Tradevine and My Products, as well as through other listing tools and integrators like Channel Advisor and OMINS**, and if you’re already registered for Pay Now you can get started with Afterpay right away.

For My Products and Tradevine, we’ll offer a one-click solution to add Afterpay to all of your listings in advance. If you miss this, you can still add Afterpay to your products via bulk edit options.

My Products:
My Products Bulk
My Products Payment Options

Tradevine Bulk
Tradevine Payment Options

Channel Advisor
Channel Advisor Afterpay

OMINS AP Screenshot

When you add Afterpay to all of your listings through your listing tool, it will automatically be applied to all listings that meet the price threshold ($20 – $800) and are in eligible categories.

Feel free to apply Afterpay to your listings now, and we will automatically update your listings to display Afterpay when we launch to buyers in September.

Before you add any listings, make sure you read the Afterpay terms for Trade Me sellers, which will apply to your listings from 28 August 2017.

Are there any costs involved with using Afterpay on Trade Me?

There are no setup costs and you’ll only pay a fee when buyers choose to pay with Afterpay. The fee to use Afterpay on Trade Me is 5.95% of the total value of the purchase, including shipping costs. This fee is additional to any success fees you incur on a sale.

The fee to use Afterpay covers the following:

  1. Processing costs – covers the processing of four fortnightly payments for each purchase.
  2. Risk​ factor – there’s no credit risk to you and you’re protected against fraudulent payments.
  3. Financing ​the order  Afterpay pays you straight away, but doesn’t get paid in full for up to eight weeks.

You’re paying for a secure and proven service which is designed to increase your overall number of sales and bring new buyers to your door.

Enjoy increased listing exposure

Sellers offering Afterpay on Trade Me will benefit from our digital marketing campaign targeting buyers, come our September launch day.

We'll drive traffic to listings with Afterpay and generate increased buyer interest through on-site and external marketing activity, such as a dedicated Afterpay landing page showcasing sellers’ listings, as well as direct marketing emails and social campaigns.

Get in quick

Remember with Afterpay you have the complete freedom to choose which listings you offer it on. Don't miss out on new buyers. Apply Afterpay to your listings before we launch in September!


*Retailer results stats = Afterpay Holdings Limited ASX Announcement 17th February 2017 Half Year Results Investor Presentation.

**If you use an alternative listing channel, then Afterpay may be available now but, if not, please contact them directly for more information. Adding Afterpay to listings via our desktop site and mobile apps will be available from September.

Meet your blacklist

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Many of you will know about your blacklist by now, but just in case you don't, or you need a wee refresher, we thought it couldn’t hurt to go over what the blacklist is, what it does, and when to use it.

Your blacklist

Your blacklist is sort of like a Trade Me version of the 'we have the right to refuse service' sign in a shop or a bar. As a seller, you have the right not to trade with someone – for whatever reason. This is what your blacklist is for.

Found on your 'My Trade Me' page, you’ll see that you only need to copy and paste a member’s username to add them to this list, and hit 'Remove' to take them off. This list is also permanent, which means that there’s no time frame to worry about. If someone is added they'll remain that way!

What it does

Your blacklist stops anyone from purchasing from you – via the buy now, traditional bid, or through the cart. They also can't ask questions on your listing. Essentially, there's no interaction between yourself and a blacklisted member.

That said, it's worth keeping in mind that blacklisting a member doesn't mean that your listings are totally blocked from them. Trade Me is an open marketplace, so as long as the account is active any member can still view your listings and add it to your watchlist if they want to.

I know what you’re thinking – "what about fixed price offers!?" Well, fear not! Blacklisted members aren't sent an offer unless you manually select them (which won't actually be an option for those who send Fixed Price Offers via a listing tool).

When to use it

Whenever you want. We don't require a reason for blacklisting another member, nor do we touch base with you to follow it up should a buyer contact us. Blacklisting is a personal choice as a seller, and you're welcome to use it whenever you see fit.

The Seller Information Centre has had a makeover!

SIC Landing Page

The Seller Information Centre was created a few years ago as a hub for sellers to learn the ropes and grow their sales on Trade Me. There was a bunch of great information in the Centre for sellers to use, but a lot has changed on Trade Me since the Seller Information Centre was created so it was time for a change.

We’ve recently updated the content in the Centre to make it more relevant for current sellers on Trade Me. It’s now divided into three sections: getting started, professional sellers, and international sellers.

Getting started

Here you’ll find everything you need to start selling on Trade Me. If you’re a new member or a long time buyer who’d like to give selling a go, the getting started section is for you.

From creating and promoting your listings and shipping goods to buyers, to after sales support and managing your Trade Me account it’s all there.

Professional sellers

For the next level of selling, check out the professional sellers section and see how other businesses have been successful on Trade Me.

Here you’ll find information on the Top Seller and Store programmes to showcase your business on Trade Me, as well as information on optimising your listings and managing them through listing tools.

This section also has important information on legal obligations that come along with being a professional seller or running a business on Trade Me.

International sellers

This section contains all of the pertinent information that international sellers need to know and abide by when they come onto Trade Me.

We have pretty strict criteria when it comes to bringing international sellers onto the site, and you can read about our relationship with these sellers in our dedicated blog post.

Have you found the Seller Information Centre to be helpful? We’d love to hear your feedback on our Message Board thread.

An update on Ping for Top Sellers

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In March we told you about our new instant payment system, Ping. At that time Ping wasn’t ready for Top Sellers to use, however since then we’ve added a bunch of features and it’s now ready for Top Sellers to start using.

We’ll email you in the coming weeks when we’re ready to activate it on your Trade Me account.

What’s Ping?

As a seller, you’ll receive money instantly into your Ping balance regardless of whether a buyer has paid with their bank account, credit/debit card, or Ping balance. You can then use this money in your Ping balance to pay for items on Trade Me, or transfer it out to your bank account.

We now have tens of thousands of customers using Ping, and we’re adding more each week. We’re getting great feedback from buyers and we’re currently seeing higher conversion rates on listings that offer Ping.

For more information, please have a look at our help pages or FAQs.

What are the benefits?

By removing barriers to purchase and making payments faster, we expect Ping to increase transaction volumes, meaning more sales for sellers who accept Ping payments.

Ping, along with our courier booking service and Buyer Protection, are all aimed at making it easier to buy and sell on Trade Me.

A snapshot of Ping’s current benefits include:

  • It’s fast. As a seller you’ll receive bank payments instantly, just like credit card payments.
  • Ping should save you time as it reduces the need to search for payments in your bank account.
  • Ping enables you to ship goods straight away. There’s no more waiting for funds to clear into your bank account as the money will instantly show in your Ping balance.
  • If a buyer’s bank payment defaults or doesn’t go through, we’ll take care of this with the buyer and it won’t affect sellers. You’ll be able to send the goods and will still have the money in your Ping balance (and that’s where it will stay).
  • You can now make as many refunds on a sold item as you need to up to the value paid; Pay Now only allows one refund per item.
  • There are improved balance withdrawal options for sellers – either on an automated daily basis or manually when it suits you.
  • Every Trade Me member will be able to buy and sell with Ping – over time we’ll put it on all accounts, with no signup required.
  • Ping will provide split payments for buyers, meaning they’ll be able to pay with a combination of Ping balance and either their bank account or credit/debit card.
  • The Top Seller discount applies to Ping transactions, bringing the 1.95% fee down to 1.65%

What are the future plans for Ping?

We’re working on many new features, and also making sure that Ping will work well with listing tools such as Tradevine.

Should I use Ping?

Ping is open for business, and we’ve give you access to it as soon as we can.

If you use a listing tool, we’ll be in touch with you when Ping is ready to go on your listing tool. In the meantime, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • As Ping is not replacing Pay Now for a while, you’ll need to manage both your Ping and Pay Now ledgers. This means you’ll have two bank payments made to you – one from Pay Now and one from Ping.
  • Your Ping ledger will simply show payments made with Ping. There’ll be no breakdown or split to show you how many were made via bank transfers versus how many were made via credit card.
  • Buyers who use Buy Now to pay for items immediately with Ping won’t see your payment instructions in their confirmation email. If you include important information in your payment instructions, you may want to include this info in your listing description or email the buyer separately. Payment instructions will be sent as usual for other payment types. Listings won via auction or Fixed Price Offer will still be sent a link to your payment instructions.
  • As Ping is not yet available to all buyers, we’ll automatically enable Pay Now on listings with Ping. Buyers will only see one of these payment options – if they have access to Ping, they won’t see the Pay Now option.

I don’t offer buyers the ability to pay via their bank account. Why do I have to allow people to pay me this way with Ping?

Ping allows you to experience the benefits of Pay Now by providing access to a wider pool of buyers. It’ll work the exact same way as a credit card payment, and refunds work in the same way too.

I’ve got more questions about Ping...

Head over to our help page for sellers or drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

We’ve also got a Message Board thread if you’d like to chat about this post with other sellers.